About Dr. Devi

Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil is a physician, researcher, Fox 5 NY Medical Contributor and Associate Professor at NYU School of Medicine. As a teenager, Devi caught a dangerous viral infection that caused the failure of her heart, lungs, and bone marrow. After recovering, she was inspired to go into medicine and entered the combined B.A./ M.D. program at Northwestern University.
She completed her internship, residency, and fellowship training through Harvard Medical School. Dr. Devi spent several years with the Department of Veterans Affairs directing and developing programs to treat wounded soldiers with severe chronic pain.
She has over 50 publications– including over 20 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Dr. Devi has won awards from Harvard University, the American Medical Association, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Her high school, Ardsley High School, through the generous support of Dr. Adam B. Stein and family, gives out a yearly award in her honor to the graduating student who has shown strength and resilience in the face of overwhelming obstacles.


Snake from the Mekong Delta



Married on Valentine’s Day 2015 in New York City

In Front of NYPL

Times Square in the Snow


  1. Just saw ur spot on Fox News, looked up ur bio. Your accomplishments r amazing & I want to thank You for ur service with the Veterans Admin. Being an old combat vet who suffers from severe chronic pain, I can’t thank you enough for ur worrk in that area. Its complicated, life altering & requiress the work of dedicated physicians like Dr. Devi. Thank You.

  2. Thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry to hear about the pain that you’ve been experiencing. Unfortunately, there is no test that can tell us if a person is experiencing pain. As doctors, we just believe patients. Then we use MRIs and other tests to check for *dangerous* causes of pain– like cancers, tumors, infections, bleeds, and broken bones. If those things aren’t there, that’s a relatively good thing. The person is still in pain but at least we can eliminate some causes. Then we can focus on treatment.

    It’s very noble that you want to contribute to research on pain. There are several universities and VA hospitals that do research on chronic pain. Many of them apply for and receive funding from Washington, DC. Maybe you can ask your doctors about research trials that you could possibly participate in. Then you could ask the investigators for more specifics on the type of research they are doing.

    Hope this helps.

  3. While this is a really Beautiful image, I can’t help to think that unless all those Medical School student loans are paid off, you should not be playing with pets that are bigger than you. Of course if that debt is paid then if that little cat develops an upset stomach or a head ache you must remember there are a bunch of us aging Vets more and more in need of your wealth of knowledge focused on our aches and pains caused by acting like we’re 20 when we were 40 & now at 60 we are really paying the price.
    Okay, we know you need an outlet, so, just try to find a pet that no bigger than your arm.
    Thank You Dr. D.

  4. Dear Dr. Devi, I would love to send you the full product line of topical analgesics from Salonpas. I work with them on the PR side.

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