Fun Facts

Fun Facts!

This is a music video my husband and I filmed for our extremely talented friends:

Shruti, Andres, and Abel a.k.a. THE LILT

I worked for ABC before— I played a doctor on General Hospital before I became one in real life

I have traveled internationally since 2004 educating other physicians. Eventually, the State Department gave me a red passport (in addition to my regular blue one) for this purpose.

I’ve treated thousands of U.S. Vietnam veterans over the years and many Cambodian survivors of torture in the U.S. When I visited the Mekong Delta, I was very surprised. Tourism has changed a lot of things. My experience was very different than theirs.

I was born at NYU Medical Center and I’m still there now…! I’m an Associate Professor and I worked with the doctor who delivered me to treat pelvic pain in women. (I’m a pain physician).

Dexter and me checking on my first baby; you can see her on the ultrasound screen

Even after we moved out of the city, my parents loved to bring the family to visit on the weekends.

I was hospitalized for a month for heart and lung failure when I was 16.

I avoided pics afterwards because I looked so sick, but I took this one.

I continued to have medical problems for several years after I got sick at age 16. I completely recovered but it was hard for a bit. Suturing is much harder when you don’t have depth perception…!

“India Abroad” wrote a feature article about how I became a doctor.

Visiting an elephant rehabilitation facility in Thailand

A New York City wedding

Getting married at Saint Paul the Apostle Church in New York City