Trading Organs For One More Today: A Documentary

Dr. Devi and Hormis Thaliath are producing this documentary film.

Check out the movie trailer below:

This is the story of Ronald Ray Phillips, a death row inmate who asked to donate his heart to his sister who suffered from a heart condition and his kidney to his mother on dialysis. Since the lethal injection could damage the heart and kidneys, the organs would have to be removed before his death in order to be useful. Hours before his scheduled execution, Governor John Kasich (now a potential Presidential contender) intervened. He stayed the inmate’s execution– to try to save the mother and sister’s lives. But doctors refused to purposely end one life to save another citing their oath to “do no harm.” The inmate’s request put him at the center of two different medical, legal, and ethical controversies that are ongoing today.

Read Dr. Devi’s piece about this in Newsweek:
How A Death Row Inmate’s Request to Give His Organs Kept Him Alive (April 29, 2015, Newsweek)

Click here to visit the movie website:

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